At Samraj we pride ourselves in providing our customers with the highest quality and value in every order. We will work closely with you to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your order using the most technologically advanced equipment and techniques for every job we do. We combine engineering and manufacturing expertise to provide a full range of fabrication capabilities at competitive prices. and that your timetables for job completion are appropriately met. It is our distinguished level of service that sets us apart from our competition.

Samraj specializes in Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication, provides a full range of sheet metal fabrication services to meet customer specifications in India and abroad. Our services include: Design Engineering, Cutting, Punching, Bending, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Welding, Assembly, Grinding, Milling, Buffing, Stamping and Powder Coating. We specialize in housings and cabinets for Electrical / Electronics equipment, control panels, chassis, precision sheet metal components and we can produce sheet metal parts for any other application. It goes without saying that we work to your specific requirements. But more than that, we take a highly meticulous view when it comes to our quality control operations. Samraj Fabrication can also produce sheet metal assemblies & sub-assemblies using stainless steel, galvanized, aluminum, brass and cold rolled steel.

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